Company Registration

To create new company account click on "Create Account" on signin screen.
It will open a registration type screen which shows "Register New Company" & "Register New Teammate".To register new company click on "Register New Company" as shown in Image (1)

Image (1)
"Company Detail" screen displays. Provide "Company Information" such as name, address, city, mobile number, email, security code. In "Administrator Information" provide detail of administrator as firstname, lastname, mobile number, email, username, password, confirm password. All detail about company information and administration infomation are mandatory.The system doesn't allow you to next page though clicking on next unless and untill you fill all the details. Please refer below image. Click on "Next".The security code will restrict unauthorized registration of the company. You can provide any random number in that field. Security code is a code that will be required during teammate regsitration, it will protect your company from unauthorized teammate registration.

Image (2)
Select approriate subscription package on "Subscription Package" screen. Click on "Subscription Package Image" to select subscription package.

Image (3)
On selection of package it will open subscription period and payment detail window. Select subscription, payment mode, payment date and enter approriate detail in details . Click on confirm & register. On confirm registration if you have selected payment mode as "Credit Card/Debit Card", you will receive an email invoice from where you will be able to pay using debit/credit/netbanking. If you have selected payment mode as "Cheque" you will find bank details below payment details.
You will receive two emails from MarkTeQ WMS. One email account contains company account details and subscription plan details, second email will contain email verfication link. You have to verify email account to activate account.

Image (4)
"Email Verification" link is on your registered email id. Click OK on the screen.

Image (5)
Comany registered successfully screen displays to login click on "Let's Begin". For again email verification click on "Resend Verification Link". If clicked on "Let's" beging it will redirect to login screen. Enter username and password on login screen and click on login.

Image (6)